Patient Comments

“The way you touch and help people is so truly wonderful and splendid! Only very few people in this world have the ability to empower others – what a special gift that is indeed. Thank you for helping me to be a healthier person – it means so much!!”
– Law student

“I never thought I would be able to feel my feet again, I am so surprised.”
– Insurance broker

“Ultra sound, massage, PT, nor heat could relieve the tightness in my hip, I finally have relief.”
– Lacrosse player

“You are such a special person to me. I am grateful for the person you have helped me become (and still becoming).”
– Naturopathic student

“I can’t explain it, but I came into your office on the verge of tears and left feeling balanced and good.”
– Actress

“My daughter took antibiotics just 2 times this year instead of 10 times last year. I don’t sneeze in the morning anymore and we can have a Christmas tree this year for the first time.”
– Young mother

“Thanks for a wonderful, life giving session.”
– Consultant

“I come for routine maintenance to keep myself together, of course.”
– Senate Spouse

acupuncture treatment at Capitol Hill Acupuncture

“First understand your body, which is the vehicle for your journey towards liberation, maintain it carefully, and then look on it with love and respect.”

– Swami Muktananda

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